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About Us
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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Doctourr is an integrated healthcare service company which is bridging the gap between patient and doctor. We are providing best healthcare solutions through partnering with best doctors and other service provider. Our online booking software has helped healthcare reach to the last mile through technology. The benefits of digitalization and the integrations with healthcare service provider of all sizes makes life faster, easier and increase patient trust.

We have a very dedicated and professional team of strong subject expertise with a mission to deliver best customer experience in the journey of life. We at Doctourr think it is a privilege and opportunity to guide and support families through difficult emotions and uncertain times.


Our Story

Whenever we saw patients are standing in long queues at Hospitals/Clinic, wait for their turn, traveling long distance for consultation, medical emergency arises, second doctor opinion, clear any doubts, family physician is not available and climate issues arises makes us worried a lot. Also worried about quality and affordable healthcare services have limited options across India. Considering the above situation ''Doctourr'' has emerged as Online doctor consultation service provider having verified Doctors on the platform. With the emergence of technology in health care services, people are finding it an easier and convenient medium to consult with a doctor.
Whenever you use this online health service, the first thing you will realize is that it doesn’t make you wait; with a telemedical approach you always get a quick response. A medical practitioner hears your complaints and consults you on the same and there are no geographical boundaries to this type of consultation. This is a relief for various people in distant regions, those with limited mobility due to health conditions or the ability to travel due to poor road conditions, budgetary reasons, lack of a vehicle or perhaps a simple need for convenience and comfort. Once you experience the immense convenience of this approach you will be very reluctant to head to a clinic the next time.
We as an Organization make it possible for people to connect with popular and specialized doctors without the need for a consult or permission to join a medical practice. In this system, patients get reminders regarding their pending appointments, along with advice on their particular medical condition; once consulted by a medical doctor, a patient will know which course to take, medications needed, any blood work needed and any required additional health check-up, diet regimens, and if they would require an additional online consultation. 


What we do?

We are providing basic quality healthcare facility to the people of India.We want to make sure that we incentivize the health care system to be designed to provide you the best quality health care possible at affordable price.


The idea is to solve the most complex problem of people by providing urgent health care facility through our cutting edge technology, mobility and special care at your door step.      


We value relationship, Integrity, excellence, compassion, innovation and teamwork


To be the first choice among people in health care industry by providing unique service and a valued partner in the community.


To provide high quality patient focused health care facilities that is readily accessible, cost effective and meets the needs of the communities we serve.

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